Wott’s Up With This?


This website is a different spelling of wotsupwiththat.wordpress.com. If I can figure out how to merge the two blogs, you won’t see this…

About This Website

This is a response to wattsupwiththat.com, an anti-science blog operated by amateur climatology critic Anthony Watts and his associates. We consider his website a prominent and monotonous source of misinformation and misrepresentation of the science and physical evidence that relates to the human contribution toward Climate Change, also called Anthropogenic Global Warming or “AGW”.

The extraordinary volume of reflexively supportive comments at “Watts Up With That?” drown out any intelligent responses except to the most diligent and open-minded readers. This wall of noise, combined with Anthony and his associate’s willingness to block or destructively edit criticism means that their biased and deceptive posts may seem unchallenged and hence possibly correct. This is rarely true.

We intend to briefly comment on posts made at wattsupwiththat.com, identifying their repetition, irrelevance or factually disproved basis. There’s no way we can keep up with Anthony’s output though. Anthony and his Team are all about volume… And maybe, now and then, we’ll find ourselves saying “Hey, they’re right about that bit!”

Looking for factual information and discussion of Anthropogenic Global Warming? My main website has a sample of web sites, mostly created by the vast decades-long Communist conspiracy of working climate scientists, that is a good starting point.

Want to compose a blast about the algore world gubmint or the lyin’ scientific élite? Your remarks will undoubtably bob happily in the crowded but warm waters of the Watts Up With That, so why not go for a dip?

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